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Hong Kong Neurosurgery Centre is committed to providing a comprehensive medical care for your neurological and spinal problems with experience, effectiveness and excellence.

Our brain is a very complex structure, comprising of about 10 billion brain cells, numerous nerve fibers and a huge network of blood vessels. Modern medical research and advances in neuroscience enable us to have a better understanding of the brain and related diseases. Our experienced neurosurgeons apply modern approach to provide treatment for stroke, brain tumors, neurovascular diseases, epilepsy and other neurological diseases through state-of-the-art neuroimaging techniques, minimal invasive concept and computerised neuro-navigation technology.

For the spine, we provide comprehensive care of your back and neck related painful conditions. Degenerative spinal back pain is one of the commonest complaints in clinical practice. Back pain affects our daily living a great deal. The Hong Kong Neurosurgery Centre provides management options from sophisticated surgical procedures to non-surgical approaches such as physiotherapy training, pain injection and radiofrequency treatment etc.

Our expert team of neurosurgeons adopts the concept of multi-disciplinary approach in dealing with your clinical problems. We believe in treating your clinical neurological problems not just by performing skilled therapy and surgery, but also by appropriate rehabilitation, psychological support and caring with empathy.

Services We Provide:

  • Surgical care for neurological (brain) diseases: benign and malignant brain tumors, stroke, cerebral vascular pathologies including aneurysm and arteriovenous malformation, hydrocephalus, intractable epilepsy and other functional disorders.
  • Surgical care for spinal tumors: benign and malignant spinal cord tumor, spinal vascular diseases.
  • Surgical care for cranial and facial pain syndromes: trigeminal neuralgia, hemi-facial spasm and chronic migraine headache.
  • Surgical services for degenerative neck and back pain.
  • Non-surgical services for back pain include physiotherapy treatment, spinal injections, and radiofrequency nerve ablation treatment.
  • Neuro-rehabilitation services through multi-disciplinary approach: physiotherapy treatment, occupational therapy treatment, speech therapy treatment and prosthetic-orthotic treatment.